Flu 4, kids nil. A high temperature makes a neurotic of us all

HOW are your kids coping with the generic flu-sick bug-virus thing that’s been doing the rounds? Last week, it wiped our eldest Jed out for three days. Bonnie has just started to get back to her old self after over a month of cold-induced, non-sleeping/long-sleeping grumpiness.

There’s not much you can do with this particular bug. Keep ’em warm (not too warm), give them plenty to drink, dose them with the correct doses of Calpol/Medised/generic children’s paracetamol product to keep their temperature down(which it probably won’t), stick a bucket by their bed and leave them to sleep.

Poor little Bill was asleep on and off for about two and half days. He took himself back to bed after breakfast without a word because he “just felt yuk,” even though a party at his mini-rugby club was on the cards.

I was popping up to poke him every couple of hours, to take his temperature and check for rashes (the meningitis paranoia). “Does your neck ache? Does anything ache? Do you want toast? Scrambled egg? Sweets?” Nothing. He copes with illness much like his father – go away and leave me alone. Please.

As I write, sturdy second son Doug has finally been wiped out by it. Though he really tried to stay on the Xbox as long as he could. Even the charms of CoD couldn’t keep the bug at bay, and he was gutted to miss one of his 22 Lion/Witch performances at Royal & Derngate, like his brother had to last weekend.

So another one sent up to bed and another sleepless night on the cards for Nursies Ma and Pa. At least Bloke’s back to help with the rounds. . .

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