Mixed messages from School-land

 A MIXTURE of messages from our various schools this week that amaze and frustrate me.

Pity the primary school headteacher, who has to send messages home in the weekly newsletter reminding parents to make their children wear a coat to school.

Yes, there are actually some parents out there who think it’s alright for their under 11s to play out in below freezing weather in just their polo-shirt and perhaps a sweatshirt. Don’t tell me that there’s no point, because they won’t wear it. MAKE them wear it!

The latest messages are about breakfast. Apparently, some parents of primary age children arrive at school at 8.50am claiming to be hungry because they haven’t eaten. Again, who is the grown-up who is supposed to be responsible for these children? I don’t care if you say they won’t eat breakfast. Shove a piece of toast or a banana in their hand. Stop giving them cash to buy crappy energy drinks at the shop. Take responsibility!

Meanwhile, one of my older children’s schools has a habit of summoning everyone in for meetings every five minutes. If you don’t go, you feel like a Bad Parent. This week it’s about a school trip that might happen in a year’s time but they aren’t saying how much it’s going to cost. Not even a rough guess. Nope, they want you to arrange a sitter and turn up at 7pm (tonight) for a meeting about it. I’m sorry, but I think I can make a decision based on a letter, or even an email, with the same information, should you be inclined to send one detailing the cost. Please, stop assuming all parents can just drop everything and scuttle along to school. We’ve got enough on our plates already.

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