We need safety in numbers at the Numberjacks

CHILDREN’S theatre can be a joy. It can also be a bum-numbing ordeal. I can say this because having had four children in ten years, I’ve seen it in most guises.

Northampton’s Royal & Derngate gets a huge range of shows for the good parents of the region, with its own award-winning shows and many touring productions.

Coming in September is TV shoe tie-in The Numberjacks. And quite frankly, it freaks me out. A combination of real-life kids and computer generated talking numbers and the weirdest baddies you’ve seen.

Mention the Numberjacks to my three-year-old daughter, however, and she’ll jump for joy. Loves ’em. Not freaked out at all.

So we’re going to the show when it comes to Northampton. Just to see how on earth they will be transferring that weirdness to the stage. You should go too. Safety in numbers. . .

The Numberjacks and the Puzzler

The press blurb:

CBeebies award-winning television series, Numberjacks, takes to the Derngate stage on Wednesday 14 to Sunday 18 September as part of their exciting UK tour, helping young children learn about numbers, shapes and sizes in a fun and imaginative way.

 Embarking on their first live adventure these ten superheroes need the audiences help solve tricky problems which crop up along the way, but watch out for the dastardly meanies who do all they can to disrupt proceedings.

 These horrid meanies include The Numbertaker, tall and silent he causes trouble by taking numbers and numbers of things and hiding them up his very long sleeves. He and the Spooky Spoon delight in stirring up trouble but with Northampton’s help the Numberjacks could win the day!

 Winning the Royal Television Society Award for the best pre-school educational programme two years running, and adheres to the Early Years Foundation Stage syllabus and the Primary National Strategy Framework for Teaching Mathematics, Numberjacks introduces children as young as two to the world of maths in a fun and lively way.

 Join the CBeebies heroes at Royal & Derngate when Numberjacks perform live on Wednesday 14 to Sunday 18 September. Tickets are priced at £13 and are available by calling Box Office on 01604 624811 or online at http://www.royalandderngate.co.uk.

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