Wall is rebuilt – need ideas about rebuilding garden

Only thing resolved so far is narrow raised beds by the wall for added support.
Kids are 4, 8, 13 & 14. Always argued we need lawn. But is this really best use?



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2 responses to “Wall is rebuilt – need ideas about rebuilding garden

  1. What is the lawn for?
    If it is for ball games then yes you need it: if not then a veg patch as an alternative to fighting against the demands of an allotment would make sense.
    Old bloke

  2. gavbadger

    I concur with the old bloke. Go for a veggie patch at rear to replace/reduce need for allotment. Maybe get a small greenhouse/cold frame up beside shed.

    Then thin out side beds on left into climbers & childproof (ball proof) shrubs. Maybe even rip up path & put down large stepping stones.

    Then make main area into a simple long lawn for family use (kids games, trampoline, loungers, barbie,etc).

    Time to keep it easier for you (til they all leave home).

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