Hilary Scott is a Northampton-based freelance journalist, gardener and mother-of-four.
A professional  journalist for newspapers and magazines for 19 years, Hilary can be commissioned as a writer, sub-editor, designer, copywriter and PR consultant. She can organise training sessions in media liaison and public relations.

She also works as Senior Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Northampton.

If you have a business, she can help you get publicity and advise on how to boost your company’s media profile. If you are brand new to gardening, she can be booked to help you work out what’s a weed and what’s worth keeping!

She has written weekly newspaper columns on gardening and parenting for over ten years.

You can email her direct via hilary@hilaryscott.co.uk

*Polite note: All words and photos on this site are copyright. Please don’t nick anything. If you want to use something, ask first. I like good manners.

5 responses to “About

  1. I am worried that in your profile picture you seem to have lost your nose.
    I assume that this is not the case in real life?

  2. And from your profile pic it looks like you have a half-inverse mohican, a la peter gabriel in early Genesis. Worked for him mind

  3. Sarah Crutwell

    I’ve just been reading your review of Alice in Wonderland and have to say I very much agree with you. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve actually quoted your review as part of an essay on adaptations. It’s refreshing to see an honest but not needlessly cruel review of drama.
    Sarah Crutwell

  4. Ade

    I’m also worried about the missing nose. How do you smell?,

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