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Norpip will help newborn bonding

NORTHANTS MP and fellow Chron columnist Andrea Leadsom is spearheading another campaign to help children, and this one I do believe is worth its mostly philanthropic investment. NorPIP, The Northants Parent Infant Project, is a charity which helps parents, mainly mothers, properly bond with their babies in the first two years.

Mrs Leadsom, who suffered post-natal depression, said: “It sounds simple, and perhaps idealistic, but at birth babies have only the survival instinct, and rely on a caring adult to meet their needs. It is between the ages of six and 18 months old that the frontal cortex—the social part of the brain—starts to develop and puts on a huge growth spurt. That growth is literally stimulated by a loving relationship between baby and carer, and where a baby is neglected or abused, that brain development can be dramatically impaired, with lifelong consequences for the child, and later adult.”

Norpip’s team includes clinical psychologists and parent-infant therapists with experience and specialist interests in attachment theory, and working with complex families from all walks of life. New parents can be referred by their health visitor or GP, or make contact direct on 01604 924735 or via norpip.org.uk

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