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Lifting daffodils that have gone blind

I’m finally off work and quite looking forward to some lockdown gardening. While it’s been incredibly frustrating to see people isolating with massive gardens and apparently loads of free time, most of us have been working under difficult circumstances from home, yearning to get out in the little green space we may be lucky enough to have.

One of my jobs that’s not been done for years is to lift and divide my front yard daffs.

Daffodils can go blind, meaning they don’t flower, if they get too congested or are planted too shallow

Usually you should wait for daffodils to get to the yellow leaf stage before lifting and replanting, but if I don’t have that time. You should leave the leaves on, they need to reabsorb that green nutrition. Don’t be tempted to tie them either. If you have them in grass, leave then alone if they are flowering well.

The perennials in the tiny, dry front garden are trying to grow through a mass of leaves and I want to get some more plants in too, so the daffs have to move.

You can leave them to dry but it’s best to plant in the green and get them in the best state for next year. Plant at least to two bulbs’ depth to avoid digging them up accidently or giving squirrels a free lunch.

There’s perennials waiting to come up now the daffs have been thinned. Yes, that is a dead Christmas tree that I haven’t worked out how to dispose of yet.

I bought some coir blocks for a quid each from Poundland which has proved to be a real bargain for seedings and mulch. There are penstemon and rudbeckia in this tiny strip that should begin to shoot better now they aren’t being crowded out. The daffs are going in the back garden – just need to find some space…

These wallflowers were picked up almost dead from a DIY store last year, and are now adding colour in pots

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