When will this running pain stop?

I’ve been running for oo, about a fortnight, on and off.

I run around a park circuit for about twenty minutes, and have been getting slightly better (ie, the point where my burning lungs make me slow to a walk is getting further around each time).

I do a couple of days, or one day off and one day on, then my legs are too sore to walk, let alone run. So I miss another day and it seems harder again.

The pain in my quads has gone, it’s a repetitive ‘tweak’ in the lower calf. First it was only the right, now it’s the left too. I feel it about half way through the circuit and can run through it, but an hour later I can barely walk.

I’m stretching properly after walking up to start my run (ie, not cold) and after I finish.

Is this calf pain normal? It doesn’t feel serious, its just bloody sore and annoying, and is putting me off trying to shift my fat arse around the park.

Come on all you seasoned runners, where am I going wrong?

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One response to “When will this running pain stop?

  1. Ade

    You could try power walking instead. It probably wouldn’t pull as many muscles and is less stressful on the knees as well.

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