New specs lasted four hours

WE picked up Billy’s new glasses last week. Despite this grumpy expression, he really was delighted with them.

His old pair had broken so many times, the lady in the opticians attempted one last repair so we could keep them for spare. We’ve had four new pairs in a year.

By morning break the day after collecting them, the new pair were mangled. They had flown off Billy’s face in some freak playground accident and someone trod on them the moment they hit the ground. Specs leg, nose pad and lens all busted. Billy was inconsolable.

At least we had a spare pair. But they lasted a day before one of his brothers managed to snap the leg off again during the usual bouts of sibling wrestling. I was dreading the call to the opticians. . .again.

Thankfully they are perfectly used to children’s glasses getting battered, and they can replace them for free within a certain time period. With an NHS prescription, you get a new pair for free each year from a selection or can put the value of the £35 voucher towards a pricier pair.

Still, now his ‘spare pair’ have one wobbly leg tied on with fuse wire, it’s probably time to actually buy some.

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