Should you let a 13-year-old go to a 15-year-old’s party?

WE’D been deliberating for weeks, trying to decide whether or not to let 13-year-old Jed go to a 15th birthday party for one of his friends. Not an all-nighter or anything, but at village hall disco until 11pm.

We had an ideal opportunity to stop him going when he got a less than favourable school report. But we ended up letting him ‘earn back’ the right to go with immaculate homework and behaviour.

Like many parents, I imagined the worst. Alcohol sneaked in, over-amorous teens and sick everywhere.

Actually, it was all fine, everyone behaved and her mum and dad were there.

Note to self: not all teenagers are as horrible and devious as you were.

Second note to self: the parties are only going to get worse. . .

Third note to self: the story about the 15-year-old who died at a party broke the day after Jed had been to his. . .

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