She sets off alarm bells

 SOLVED a great mystery this week. For months and months, every time I walked into and out of a shop the security alarms would go off.

Actually, sometimes they’d go off going in and not going out. I felt like a reverse shop-lifter. A shop-dropper, perhaps.

Many security guards have rummaged my bags. Many more have waved me on after seeing the fury and indignation on my face. I was convinced it had something to do with metal pins in my knee after surgery 20 years ago.

Then one very nice lady in a shoe shop, on hearing how often it was happening, offered to let me walk in and and out with various items, to see if the alarms went off, as a process of elimination. We tried the nappy bag, just me, wearing coat, without coat, with purse, buggy and so on, until we found the culprit. My Filofax. A leather Filofax. No security tags or labels anywhere in it visible to the naked eye. A Filofax I was bought for Christmas. Well, at least I hope it was bought. . .

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