They trashed my house and now I have tip guilt

 THANK goodness. Back to normality. It’s been nice an’ all, but the kids have been at home for 21 of the last 25 days.

They are back to school for 20 days and then off for another week and a day for half term and teacher training. Tough life.

While they have been at home, everything has broken (including my resolve).

To steal the words of the Tall Dad from the TV show The Middle, “The only nice things in our house come here to break.”

The destruction tally over the past month is as follows:

The CD player in the boys’ room. (Wires to speakers inexplicably snapped).

The TV in the boys’ room which only plays DVDs (they put two DVDs in at once and broke the drawer)

An expensive all-wood chest of drawers in the boys’ room (several parts of slammed and over-stuffed drawers have had to be glued and nailed back in place)

My ‘office’ printer, (being used at the time to print out homework)

An Xbox headset (spun about by its wires)

The food processor (OK, so the motor burned out as I was too lazy to knead dough)

Two pairs of sunglasses (must have had faulty legs)

A TV remote (now held together with sticky tape) and

Both our knackered old cars (admittedly, the kids had nothing to do with the cars).

So without even going away anywhere, it’s been an expensive month, especially as the older two seem to go through a week’s worth of food in about a day.

One win though. Someone also broke my battered but beloved old Anglepoise lamp. I thought it was another candidate for the bin but thanks to the Internet, I fixed it by installing a complete new wiring kit bought online. Yes, me. I re-wired it. Even added a new plug.

A small survivor amidst the wreckage of the school holidays.

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