Northampton’s Lings Forum Cinema is a welcome blast from the past

IT was raining, it was midweek in the school holidays. The kids had been nagging to go to the cinema. We relented, but by the time we got around to checking times, all the kids films at Cineworld and Vue had already started.

There was a solution: Lings Forum Cinema at Weston Favell. Northampton’s hidden treasure.

They were showing Kung Fu Panda 2 at 2.30pm. Off we all trooped.

If you haven’t been I can’t recommend it enough. It’s one screen, with the oldest Pearl and Dean titles I’ve ever seen, (and I saw Star Wars in 1977). It even asked you to turn your pagers off. They should NEVER update it.

You won’t get mugged by the pic ‘n’ mix or popcorn either. Bring your own, or there are vending machines in the gym entrance next door. I understand the evening shows have wine available. How civilised!

All in all it cost just over £18 for all six of us, thanks to a couple of quid off for Bloke’s Trilogy Leisure card. And of course the money goes to this excellent independent cinema which often shows great films the big multiplexes don’t show.

During the holidays, the Kids’ Screen films happen every day except Sunday at 2.30pm, and during August you can see Transformers 3, Horrid Henry, Cars 2 and the Smurfs. It’s £4.30 for adults (£3.80 with leisure card) and £3.60 for kids (£3.30 with LC).

You can’t book over the phone, but there was plenty of room and we had great seats. A perfect solution for a rainy day.

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