They grow up, they do

IT has been a busy week. As well as sports day, we’ve had two fetes, a cricket tournament, a birthday party invite and a teacher training day.
That’s before we’ve even got to strike day.

Our eldest Jed was off on a day I was covering Cottesbrooke Plant Fair, so much to his disgust, I dragged him along for some work experience.

He, apparently, thought he’d be spending the day ‘planking’ with his mates. Planking is a bizarre fad for getting photographed lying – like a plank – in peculiar locations. Just type it into a computer and you’ll see what I mean.

Jed snaps

I told him planking couldn’t possibly be cool anymore as Gordon Ramsay was seen doing it, so he grumpily accompanied me.

Although he turned out to be a useful photographer, my goodness, he did spend the day grunting. I thought it was a stereotype but bless him, since his voice dropped he has become mumbling monosyllabic in company, and moaned all day about being hungry.

I enjoyed the fact it was just him and me for a rare day, and it reminded me how quickly that little baby in a pram grows up. Even if they still can’t communicate.

Meanwhile, Baby Bonnie has discovered facepaint. I’d managed to avoid it until now but she’s been done twice in a week.

It was easier with the boys. They cottoned on quite quickly that having facepaint means having to have your face scrubbed vigorously with a flannel at the end of the day.

But Bonnie has become fascinated by facepaint, particularly rainbows and butterflies. I’m going to have to make sure all my make-up is well out of her reach.

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