My own little snowdrop

Galathus Ikariae 'Bonnie Scott'

MY three-year-old daughter Bonnie has already achieved something I probably never will. She’s had a plant named after her. Galanthus Ikariae ‘Bonnie Scott’ to be precise. A snowdrop.

I’m incredibly touched that a local galanthophile (that’s snowdrop collector to you), Jim Leatherland, chose to call this new type of snowdrop after Bonnie.

He told me he intended to name one after her just after she was born in February three years ago, but had to wait to see that the new markings came true for a couple of years before ‘going public.’

We went to Jim’s National Gardens Scheme open day at the weekend and despite the rain there were over 100 people who came to look at over 200 kinds of these tiny flowers. And although Galanthus Ikariae Bonnie Scott has now gone past its flowering best, we have a pot of them ‘in the green’ which can be planted out now to flower next year and hopefully, many years to come.

Two other snowdrops, called Galanthus ‘Helen Louise’ and G. ‘Nicky James’ were also debuted.

Meanwhile, Bonnie seemed fairly nonchalant about the fact she shares a name with a flower and spent her time trying to pull the heads off Jim’s other pretty snowdrops. No green fingers just yet then. . .


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2 responses to “My own little snowdrop

  1. That’s a lovely story, nice snowdrop too =)

  2. What a lovely tribute – and a lovely name for a snowdrop.

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