Primary school parking police need to be checking for more than just a week

I SEE the police are being called in to target one school a week to ‘crack down on’ dangerous and inconsiderate parking by parents.

Primary schools attract spectacular examples of bad driving each morning, from blocking driveways and parking on corners to running red lights and dangerous speeding.

While the secondary schools have their issues, it tends to be over faster, as you aren’t expected to deliver them to their classroom door. (There have been mornings I’d have been happy to open the car door and just tip my uncooperative teens into the road.)

But unless the police patrol all year, rather than one week, things won’t change much in the long term.

Stupid lazy parking does have consequences. At a Northampton rugby club recently, one lad was seriously injured and an ambulance was called.

Despite many previous pleas and warnings, someone had parked their car blocking an area reserved for emergency access. The ambulance had to reverse and detour across fields, which caused a delay getting to an already distressed child.

You might think ‘I’ll only be a minute,’ but that could literally be a matter of life or death for someone else. So don’t do it.

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