Growing up and going away – just on school trips for now

I’ve been a little jittery this week, working up to a few hectic weeks of school trips which will see our two eldest leave the country and number three son off on his first overnight stay away, all without us.
It’s been hard watching the two teens turn into mini-men of late. I hadn’t realised Eldest had started shaving until he kissed me goodnight on the cheek and I felt bristles (no, not mine). Coarse bristles, on my baby boy. Admittedly now aged 15, taller than me, and with bigger feet.
Now he’s off on a French exchange trip with school for a week. Yes, he’s been away before, but not hundreds of miles away in a different country!
He comes back and the French lad who hosts this week will be coming to our noisy, untidy house. Poor kid.
Then Second Son is off – civil unrest depending – to Tunisia. Bloody Tunisia. In AFRICA! Another continent. My Google maps couldn’t cope when I asked it for directions.
After his return there’s whatever remains of Easter and a Duke of Edinburgh camping weekend, before Son Three is off to Everdon,  host to thousands of Northamptonshire school kids over the years. I might have at least experienced this twice before but its still my baby off without me for the first time. The excitement and anxiety is felt just as keenly.
In the midst of all these travelling boys will be Bonnie, just turned five, demanding to know why she isn’t going with any of them.
If I look more frazzled than usual in this spring, you’ll know why. . .

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