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How fast can you build hundreds of new homes? Pretty damn fast actually . . .

Just a quick update to my previous update on the old Cherry Orchard school site in Northampton, which backs onto my allotment. https://scarymotha.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/an-update-to-cherry-orchard-school/

There’s now a whole house just over the wall and people actually living in the ones facing Birchfield Road East. The ones at the Wellingborough Road end, predictably posher-looking, also look finished. Here’s a couple of views from the side…



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An update to Cherry Orchard School

I wrote here about the demise of Cherry Orchard school in Northampton earlier this year.
Here’s what the Birchfield end looks like now, just six months later. Houses already for sale. Funny how fast things can happen…



Not sure the people living around area appreciate the keen builders though, as work starts at 7am, even on Saturday. Ouch.

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