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Why childcare is essential to get the economy moving

I TURNED the radio on halfway through a phone-in about childcare. A woman in her 60s was literally shouting, almost screaming, about how parents shouldn’t be helped by the state to pay for childcare.

The reason for her anger? Because she hadn’t had it herself. She wanted the money to be used to give her a better pension instead.

She was particularly riled by the fact that another caller, “the man with a foreign name” was defending his family’s position that both he and his wife had to work simply to pay the basic monthly bills.

It baffles me how bitter, resentful, and sometimes gullible people can be about child-related benefits.

They seem willing to believe that we are all churning out children we don’t really want, simply to enjoy vast piles of cash handed out by doe-eyed civil servants to allow us to sit and watch Jeremy Kyle.

Or that ‘career’ mothers throw their offspring into nurseries run by automatons to earn money for expensive holidays and designer clothing.

Working mothers are vilified for not staying home and looking after their kids. Stay-at-home parents are vilified for not working and contributing a wage and taxes. And the Daily Mail turns right-minded people into screaming bigots.

We have the highest childcare costs relative to household income anywhere in the world, yet nursery nurses are not highly paid.

If you want the economy to recover, you have to help people be able to afford to work, rather than give up their jobs, lose their homes, and depend on the state for far more than just the cost of a few hours a week childcare.

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