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Do you want to help find out what happens to coffee capsules?

Do you use coffee capsules? Do you wonder whether they decompose fully? The University of Northampton is looking for volunteers to take part in a project that will focus on examining the compostability of selected coffee capsules. It will run from July – November 2017. Participants will be provided with a free composting bin and the coffee capsules. They will be tasked with monitoring the process over the period of about three months, and providing researchers with the data. Support will be provided throughout the process by the research team, if required. Participants will be chosen on a first come, first served basis.

If you are interested, and are not UoN staff, please email Louise or Terry via louise.maxwell@northampton.ac.uk or terry.tudor@northampton.ac.uk.


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Hotbin emptying in pictures

Hotbin has been a little neglected. Needs emptying and new straps putting on.


It’s quite wormy.


Pink bin top recent layer, purple is compost but with some lumps of unaltered cauliflower and leek!


Loads of brandling worms, so not really been keeping consistently hot. I blame weather and lack of prunings to keep topped up.
Worth saying that’s ALL our kitchen waste – household of six – since January!

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