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Christmas preparation? Major fail

Bonnie can't resist the sparkles

WHAT with work, and poorly children and nativities, I still haven’t got around to Christmas.

At least the Christmas tree is up. That’s a start. Cards still not written, presents still un-bought.

The family photo-calendars I have to dutifully upload and buy every year in quadruplet aren’t sorted. And there’s less than ten days to go.

Bonnie can’t resist the tree (fake). She’s two, therefore bewitched by anything sparkly. She did help hang some baubles but now knows she can’t touch. The temptation is overwhelming, bless her.

She’s a little confused and very over-excited by Christmas.

“It’s my birthday?” she asks, hopefully, on a daily basis, only to be told no.

She knows there’s presents, parties and decorations involved, but hasn’t a clue where this Jesus Baby comes into things.

Still, I think we’re safe until the Peppa Pig advert calendar runs out. Then we’ve got some explaining to do. . .

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Christmas? I’ll get around to it . . . eventually

 “WHEN are we putting the Christmas tree up?” asks Billy on a daily basis. “Soon,” is my repetitive reply. I haven’t even thought about when. I haven’t even started shopping. To be frank, I’m rubbish at Christmas.

I have bought my cards, from charity shops, to ensure the 100 per cent of the money goes to whom it was intended rather than into a supermarket’s coffers. But I must remember to write and send them before December 25.

I should do an online food order, because that’s another thing I leave too late. And only Billy has written a list for Father Christmas, unprompted. He’s a boy who knows what he wants (and that’s football cards).

Bonnie’s technique for telling you what she wants is to sit in front of TV adverts shouting: “Want that! And that!”

“Father Christmas doesn’t listen to little girls with bad manners,” I warn her.

“Want that pleeeease. . .”

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