Baby Blackbirds fighting it out

For the past fortnight we’ve been watching our resident blackbird couple feeding the chicks in a nest they precariously built in the climbing hydrangea. In a matter of days they hatched, then we could hear them cheeping only when ma and pa were nearby.

Yesterday we saw them, poking their beaks out of the well-concealed nest. We think there are two chicks. The boys have been banned from playing football, and are most put-out to have to give up their backgarden. They already have to avoid certain games to avoid damaging plants. Now it’s birds.

We found a dead bird (not the blackbirds, a little one with white markings on the wings) yesterday that we think had been got by a cat.

So the boys have been given permission to chase and squirt water pistols at any cats they see setting so much as a paw in our plot. I’m determined those blackbird babies will survive.

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