By heck Grommet(s)!

BILLY has finally got his hospital appointment to have grommets fitted. *Shudders.

It’s been a on-going problem, as previous detailed in these pages. Six-year old Bill can be very shouty. The consultant ear-docs and audiologists finally persuaded me that it’s just gone on too long to keep ‘waiting and seeing’ if he’ll literally grow out of it.

His glue ear, a very common problem in young children, could be fixed now by having tiny tubes called grommets surgically inserted into his lug-holes under general anaesthetic.

Now, I’m not unduly worried about the operation, but the thought of watching my baby go under anaesthetic makes me want to weep. Already. But not in front of him. I am cheerful and matter-of-fact in my smiley explanations to him about his ear-op, and the subsequent antibiotics and cotton wool plugs at bath-time to prevent infection.

My friends who have already been through worse hospital operations with their kids tell me it will be fine, and that I’m being a wuss.

Doesn’t stop me stressing though, to the point where I’m buying weird nose balloon contraptions on the internet to try and fix it without the GA. I’ll keep you posted. . .

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