My knight in a shining people-carrier

I’VE been feeling sorry for myself. The fridge-freezer and home PC both broke, following last week’s tumble dryer failure. Several things seemed to conspire to make both work and home life as complicated and unwieldy as possible.

On Friday, driving to pick up Bloke, I got a puncture (second in a week). I pulled into a petrol station, unable to make it home. It was getting dark, I was wearing a skirt, and I was very cross. I know how to change a wheel, so started to unload the spare.

I’d got as far as loosening the wheel nuts when a chivalrous mini-cab driver asked if he could help. He insisted on changing the tyre for me (even though I was quite keen to do it myself), and wouldn’t take any payment. So of you know or meet an Asian mini-cab driver in a people-carrier in Northampton called Ray, please tell him thanks. Better still, leave him a tip. . .

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