Staying positive over secondary school admissions?

IF you have a child who is about to go up to secondary school in September, then this week is likely to be horribly nerve-wracking, and you have my complete sympathy.

This is the week the school place allocation letters go out (or if you can wait several hours for the county council computer to grind into action, you may find out online).

As detailed in previous episodes of these weekly ramblings, I have had two experiences of this so far. For one child we got our first choice, for the other, we didn’t.

You feel guilt when your child doesn’t get their first choice and guilt about everyone else when they do. But thankfully, both our boys seem to be getting on OK in their different schools, which have various pros and cons.

The whole system is a farce, but for the sake of our kids we have to make the best of it.

I can’t stop you being anxious, but I can tell you that the right thing for you to do is be positive around your child and not rant and rave about the school they may end up having to go to, where chances are, they may actually be happy and thrive.

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