Gardening karma at the allotment

See this? This is just a small section of my new (moved down the field) plot.

I’ve been tackling it bit by bit over the past few weeks and just when I thought I was going to get a clear couple of hours to do more, some cantankerous old b*gger threw a spanner in the works. (To avoid litigation, I’ll spare you the boring but annoying details).

Anyhoo, along comes an avenging angel in pensioner form. An allotmenteer so up-to-date with his own plot that he offered to help out with mine.

Not only did he identify weeds/plants I didn’t recognise (horseradish, unfortunately), he helped bag up rubbish, dug-over and weeded several rows and even commandeered an unwanted incinerator for my growing pile of burnable prunings.

In short, his help in a few hours has accelerated the plots readiness by a couple of weeks.

We’re all very suspicious of strangers, but on the allotment field, everybody needs good neighbours.


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2 responses to “Gardening karma at the allotment

  1. Hi Hilary, I’m new but agree wholeheartedly. Due to my husbands ongoing health problems we were evicted from our previous plot and the old man next door rescued five roses that I had rescued from my previous garden which I had been given by my late dad (weird, if you say late father it sounds like he’s died but stuffy but if you say late dad it sounds like he’s been delayed). The roses were returned to me and are awaiting their next move to a permanent (I hope) home.

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