Prince and Princess mug

HAVE I got a very poor memory, or did all of us kids get a mug to ‘celebrate’ the Royal wedding of Charles and Di back in 1981?

I’m pretty certain we got one for the Silver Jubilee in 1977 too, but who paid for them?

Apparently these days it’s up to the local council to decide whether to splash out on memorabilia for the children of their borough. And things certainly have changed since Lady Di swished her meringue-of-a-dress up the aisle with the heir to the throne 30 years ago.

In the current economic climate you can understand council bosses rejecting the idea of shelling out on ceramics. And of course, there just wasn’t the volume of tat around back then, and it was exciting to be given a mug for free.

These days, kids are bombarded with products, and I guess a mug with the faces of a couple of Hoo-rays wouldn’t even register on their wish-list.

There’s apparently little demand for street parties for this Royal Wedding, and many aren’t too impressed at the idea of yet another day’s lost business. The wedding – on April 29 – is a bank holiday, just three days after Easter Monday. My kids have worked out they will be at school for just eight days in the whole of April!

While I’m indifferent about the wedding, I can’t help but be very chuffed with Bonnie’s nursery, who have gone out and bought wedding mugs for each of their children, and are holding a Kings and Queens themed party in the run-up to the big day.

Our three-year-old daughter Bonnie, not yet as cynical as the rest of us, will be utterly delighted to get a mug with a prince and princess on it. Long may her innocence reign.

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  1. We read it about it here in the US, but I don’t think many people will be getting mugs. Nonetheless, may little Bonnie enjoy the day!

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