Meet Bogey, the green cow

BONNIE has a new friend. It’s an inflatable green bull. The boys call it Bogey. She calls it “My Cow.”

This is a Happy Hopper. A new take on the 1970s classic orange space-hopper, Happy Hopperz are taking over thanks to Rob and Victoria Morris.

On a family holiday in 2009, their fidgeting toddler Charlie was given an inflatable elephant to sit on at a beachside restaurant. They set about bringing these cheeky bouncers to a UK market.

There are lots of designs: pink cows, blue cows, black and white cows, bulls, dogs and horses of many colours, plus pandas, reindeer and rabbits. They take up less room than a space hopper and are far easier to sit on.

Pre-walkers will love to bounce on them, thanks to their ‘handle’ ears, while three-year-olds like to race them.

We had to take Bogey to our picnic in the park earlier this week and it was like a magnet for all toddlers within a 500 metre radius. Bonnie has ‘rolled’ her cow a couple of times but dusts herself off and jumps back on.

And when she’s gone to bed it doubles up as a foot-stool . . .

The white cow and blue bull Happy Hopperz are stocked in Argos and Homebase for £19.99, or you can buy the other animals direct via (for a rather more expensive £21.99 with an extra £5.99 p&p!)

I can see it now, the Happy Hopperz Grand National, held this summer on Northampton Racecourse. . .

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