Hotbin update

Remember that Hotbin I had delivered at New Year? see here
It’s currently operating at 90 degrees and scoffing just about every thing I can chuck in it.
After a rather slow start, mostly because I thought you had to get the temperature up before putting much in, I took the advice of the manufacturer and started filling it with kitchen waste in earnest.
This happened to coincide with our council deciding to give us all a food waste bin (although our area still has to put out black bin bags, go figure).
So instead of our food waste sitting stinking up the yard, we have been putting about two small worktop binfulls of food waste in the hotbin every couple of days. A load of grass clippings about a fortnight ago also helped, and I’m told chicken pellets also speed things up.
The bin simply devours it. I haven’t actually managed to get it more than half full because each day the level drops. When you consider there are six of us in the house, that’s a lot of food waste.
As well as veg peelings I’ve just started putting cooked food in, and haven’t quite been brave enough to put bones in yet. Maybe this week.
My biggest mistake was to keep looking at the thermometer on the lid, which never rises above 30. Meanwhile, inside the temperature, using the extra thermometer provided, is far hotter, and today showed 95 degrees!
It’s a little smelly, only when you lift the lid and no more than a normal compost heap.
Unlike a normal heap, which just piles up and takes a year or more to break down, and needs a mix of material, the HotBin is right outside the kitchen door, on concrete, in a shady corner. But it’s doing an awesome job.


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3 responses to “Hotbin update

  1. Hello! Is the temperature you give in fahrenheit or centigrade?

    • Er, I’ll check and get back to you

      • Right, I’ve had a look at the temperature again. When it’s had a good ‘feed’ of kitchen scraps plus lawn clippings or a handful of chicken pellets, it gets up to a good 60-70c or 140F and you can feel the heat when you lift the lid. When it’s just kitchen waste it’s about 30-40c. I had a quick look at in the bottom and it has a good foot and a half of very good looking crumbly compost, which I haven’t removed yet (the annihilation of my garden by a huge wall has been somewhat of a distraction). Hope this helps! Hilary

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