We’d decided not to bother with the Olympics, but somehow we’ve got tickets

HAVING decided it was all a big waste of money, how unfair it would be not to take all of the kids and that we’d be better off watching it at home, we’ve actually got four tickets to the Olympics.

We had failed to get any in the previous ‘rounds’, but we’d had an email last week giving a last chance to fork out £20 or more per person to see early rounds of events like cycling, swimming and, er, Greco-Roman wrestling.

Bloke and I had decided that getting up at 7am on a Sunday – again – was ridiculous, and that all the tickets would go to those with faster broadband and an actual interest. To be honest, we didn’t feel was worth swapping a much-needed lie-in for.

Bloke would never turn down the chance to see weird masked figures in white bloomers chasing each other with swords (fencing), and our sport-mad boys really wanted to go, but was it really worth applying when we were limited to a maximum of four tickets, for one single event? Forking out £86 before you even factored in the train fare? Bah, Olympics-shlimpics.

Checking email much later, and quite possibly because I’m too stubborn to admit defeat, I stuck in a speculative request for the hockey, the only sport I thought we would agree on. Four tickets, when we’re on holiday anyway (and not going anywhere).

This time the computer tells you straight away if the tickets are available. After two tries, it let us have four for the earliest rounds of the women’s hockey, on a Tuesday, at 7pm. No idea who’s playing, but we’ll be there. If we can think of a simultaneous adventure for Billy and Bonnie that is.

Tickets for those who missed out previously are on sale until May 17, and if there are any left they go on sale on May 23. You might as well try, as you can always sell them back if you can’t get a babysitter. Apparently.


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