Storm central: Front pages from when the rain came down and the floods…

David Higgerson

Today, the newspaper news stands were all about the death of Nelson Mandela, at least on all of the national newspapers.

But for regional newspapers, particularly those in in the Midlands, north east and north west, it was the weather which took centre stage.

For some titles, this may be because overnight deadlines are in the early evening, meaning that Mandela’s death, announced as it was after 9pm, was too late for the print edition.

Many others, however, will have had a choice – go with the late-breaking international news story which will have developed significantly online and through the broadcast media by the time the paper hits the stands and which probably can’t compete with the pre-planned coverage national newspapers may well have had to hand, or stand out with local coverage of the story no-one else will be covering.

For me, that choice became a no-brainer – apart…

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