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Adventures in muck making: testing starts of new HotBin

I’ve just loaded my base layer into my new HotBin. Unusually for a compost bin, it’s sited outside our shady basement backdoor on concrete.


This new bin doesn’t need sun or a soil base for worms to crawl up. It works on bacterial heat.
But the real revelation is that it claims to compost cooked foods, including meat. Therefore seriously reducing your weekly waste while producing compost for your plants.
Here’s the clincher: it says it will produce useable compost in 30-90 days. That’s about a year faster than my bog-standard compost heap.
The HotBin in also manufactured in Northampton, my home town, so I’m particularly hopeful it works.
The base layer is just 30cm deep of your own compost (a bag from the


garden centre will do). Then when it reaches over 25 degrees (thermometer in the lid) you can start adding all food waste, with a handful of wood chips for bulk.


I’ll keep you up to date with how our six-person family copes.

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