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Go and be nice to Phylip at Cottesbrooke

THERE’S a lovely garden at Cottesbrooke, just north of Northampton, which never seems open frequently enough for you to see the stirling efforts of the lovely head gardener Phylip Statner and his team.

However there’s a chance to go and raise some cash for charity when Cottesbrooke opens on Sunday 17th April from 2pm until 5:30pm for the National Gardens Scheme (NGS). 

Primroses and daffodils will be on display and they would normally have gone over when the gardens officially open in May.

The real treasure is the Wild Garden, which is full of bulbs and banks of primroses and offers a haven for wildlife in a tranquil setting. There are also more formal gardens and 3,000 tulip bulbs have been planted in the statue walk.  There are also a number of Magnolia trees in bloom and blossoming cherry trees, all doing rather well after the cold cold winter. 

 Gay Webster,  joint county organiser for the NGS said: “The Wild Garden is in a magical setting along the banks of a stream, where the massed primroses cheer the spirit after a long, hard winter.”   

Refreshments will be available and free parking is included in the admission price.  Visit www.cottesbrookehall.co.uk for more info.

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